Dear Silja, you will always remain in our memories and heart

Longtime breeder Silja Karjahärm is no longer with us, she will be remembered by all the dog related people,  friends and beloved family.

Silja was always very positive, energetic, determined and she had very beautiful soul. We all have known her for many years as a good friend and comrade. Silja has made a remarkable influence with her breeding work, by breeding beautiful and successful dogs who live not only in Estonia, but also worldwide her dogs are known as champions of many countries, World Winner and European Winner title owners.

Her life and work has affected german miniature spitz breed forever.

Rest in peace, never forgotten friend!



29.02.1947 – 24.11.2017


The funeral service will begin on  1 December, 2017 in  St John’s Church (Tallinna Jaani Kirik) at 13.00.



2 thoughts on “Dear Silja, you will always remain in our memories and heart

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